'Southern Charm' Stars Kathryn Dennis And Austen Kroll Spark Dating Rumors

'Southern Charm' Stars Kathryn Dennis And Austen Kroll Spark Dating Rumors
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A picture is indeed worth a thousand words as Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Austen Kroll found out this Thanksgiving. The Internet is swirling with rumors of the pair after Dennis shared a photo of the two on social media along with a cheeky caption.

The photo in question featured the pair posing together on a stoop accompanied by the caption, “Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Christmas card comin’ soon.”

Many fans and commenters immediately began debating whether or not the two are dating. Others went as far as to speculate that Dennis might be pregnant.

The answer to both of those questions is a hard “No.” Contrary to rumors, Dennis and Kroll are not, in fact, dating nor is Dennis pregnant.

Dennis responded saying that she had gained some weight and Kroll, coming to her defense, called the comments “absurd.” She later shared another photo expressing how grateful she is for all of the good in her life.

The pregnancy rumors are even more significant as Dennis is currently in a custody battle with her ex, Thomas Ravenel, over their two children. Though Dennis lost custody of the children in 2016 due to a failed drug test and a stint in rehab, she has filed to obtain primary custody of both children .

In her filing, Dennis is accusing Ravenel of relying too heavily on nannies. She also references his sexual assault changes and arrest, along with concerns over Ravenel’s alleged impairment while caring for their two children.

She also claims that Ravenel pressured his on and off again girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, to be verbally abusive toward her on Southern Charm.

  Ravenel denied all of Dennis’ accusations in a counterclaim filed on November 6th. He also claims that he believes Dennis was pressured by producers in order to have more potential material for upcoming seasons.

Kathryn Dennis and Austen Kroll will both return for Season 6 of Southern Charm in 2019.


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