'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel And Ashley Jacobs Refuse To Leave South Carolina Despite Evacuation Order

'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel And Ashley Jacobs Refuse To Leave South Carolina Despite Evacuation Order
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Hurricane Florence is making its way through the Carolinas, but former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel has no plans to evacuate. In a new interview, Ravenel says he is staying put as the hurricane ravages the East Coast, and his ex Ashley Jacobs is staying by his side.

“I’m staying at my house on Daniel Island,” said Ravenel. “Hurricane Florence is expected to hit the North Carolina/South Carolina border, so it won’t be a direct hit in my area.”

As a polo player and horse owner, Ravenel added that his top priority during the hurricane was to take care of his animals. And even though high winds and heavy rains are moving through the area, Ravenel says that his horses are not in any danger. He says that they are safe in Aiken.

Jacobs posted a video on her Instagram story while on Ravenel’s front porch, and it said, “Bracing for Florence.” Even though they went through a nasty split in early August, it seems the two have had some sort of reconciliation. They have been spotted all over Charleston together in recent weeks, and an insider says that they “still hang out.” According to a source at Radar Online, “He [Ravenel] is still holding on to something. He just can’t totally end it.”

And it appears that Jacobs is holding on to something, too — her time on Southern Charm . The 33-year-old nurse recently told People Magazine that there is a possibility that she will be coming back for Season 6, but she hasn’t heard anything yet.

At this point, Jacobs says that everything is up in the air, and they haven’t asked her to come back, but they also haven’t said no. She added that people have told her that Bravo often waits to the last minute when it comes to those who aren’t full-time cast members.

During the Season 5 reunion, Jacobs insisted that she and Ravenel were still together despite rumors to the contrary. But just a few weeks later, during a teary Instagram Live, she admitted that the two had broken up.

But since that early August breakup announcement, Ravenel and Jacobs have been everywhere together. And last weekend, a friend of the pair, Jason Jolly, posted a pic of the couple on a double date, with a message of congratulations.

“Great to be with this couple on their special day! Congrats and best wishes!” wrote Jolly.

Thomas Ravenel has said that he will not be returning to Southern Charm for Season 6, but Ashley Jacobs says she would like to return and get a second shot . She says she wants a chance for a “redemption story” like Kathryn Dennis.

New episodes of Southern Charm will return to Bravo in 2019.


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  • Kit
    Kit Sep 22, 2018 5:36 PM PDT

    How can Jacobs think she is anywhere near as important as Kathryn Dennis? We do not need an Ashley 'redemption' story. Please Bravo do not let these creatures, Jacobs and Ravenel, back on Southern Charm.

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