Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Wants The Records Sealed In Her Custody Battle With Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Wants The Records Sealed In Her Custody Battle With Thomas Ravenel
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kathryn Dennis is looking to keep her nasty custody battle with Thomas Ravenel out of the public eye. The Southern Charm star just asked a judge to seal their court records in an attempt to keep Ravenel from leaking any more information.

Dennis claims that Ravenel has been giving sensitive information about the case to the media, and hopes that sealing the records will prevent him from ruining her reputation any further. In her official filing, for example, Dennis says that Ravenel released a video that shows her hitting a parked car and then leaving the scene of the accident.

The Southern Charm star believes that leaking such information is detrimental to the well-being of her children. According to The Blast , she also argued that it is in the best interest of both parties to keep the case private, especially considering the sexual assault charges that are currently pending against Ravenel.

Dennis then asked the court if her ex-boyfriend would "really want the entire 4 hours deposition transcript of the parties former Nanny with numerous detailed negative statements about the Defendant’s conduct and character to be part of the public record?"

Dennis' legal battle with Ravenel has gradually heated up over the past few months. While Ravenel is suing Bravo in an attempt to prevent them from showing unaired footage of his children, Dennis is fighting to win full custody of their kids. As fans will recall, Dennis lost custody in 2016 because she did not pass a random drug test.

After completing a stint in rehab and remaining sober, Dennis won back her custody rights last year. In light of Ravenel's sexual assault scandal, Dennis is hoping to get full custody of her children. Depending on how Ravenel's trial goes, she has a strong chance of winning the case.

Ravenel has requested that Dennis' bid for full custody be denied. He has not, however, commented on her latest claims about how he leaked information to the press.

Based on how things have gone the past few months, the legal battle between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis is far from over.


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