Southern Charm Star JD Madison's Sexual Assault Accuser Speaks Out After Being Arrested For Filing A False Report

Southern Charm Star JD Madison's Sexual Assault Accuser Speaks Out After Being Arrested For Filing A False Report
Credit: Source: Bravo

Southern Charm star JD Madison’s sexual assault scandal took an unexpected turn this week after his accuser, Susan Johnson, was arrested for filing a false report. Police in Mount Pleasant charged Johnson after they discovered some inconsistencies in her original story – and she’s now speaking out about the arrest.

This past summer, Johnson claimed that Madison drugged and sexually assaulted her with the help of a friend named Jay Schwartz. Johnson says that the reality star put a drug in her drink and assaulted her a few hours later.

This week, police inspector Chip Googe released a statement concerning Johnson’s allegations. According to Fits News , Googe revealed that they found inconsistencies in Johnson’s story that led them to believe the allegations were false. The information led to Johnson’s arrest and she was later released after posting a $10,000 bond.

The biggest issue with Johnson’s story concerned phone calls she made on the night of the assault. In her original report, Johnson claimed that the only phone call she remembered was between Madison and his wife, who called him while the assault was happening. Police, however, discovered that Johnson had made a phone call herself that night and sent a few text messages to friends.

Johnson called a police officer in Mount Pleasant in a conversation that lasted close to 10 minutes. The officer says that they did not talk about the assault and instead chatted about how one of Johnson’s friends had been recently hospitalized.

Johnson’s lawyer, Trey Harrell, fired back after Googe’s statement and revealed that his client will fight the charges. He explained how Johnson does not remember much of anything that night because she was drugged. He also slammed the Mount Pleasant police for charging Johnson for making a false report and believes it could be detrimental to other woman who are afraid to come forward.

“Susan is going to fight this unfair, unfounded charge,” Harrell shared. “She was severely intoxicated on the night in question and so naturally there are some inconsistencies in her recollection.”

Southern Charm returns for Season 6 later this year on Bravo.


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  • Allison Haskell
    Allison Haskell Feb 2, 2019 6:44 PM PST

    Look tired of one fact ! Yes women get raped and abused ! I had for 10 years and got out and free ! Many are , but why it’s so hard for the ones who have really been assaulted , raped are those who lie for attention or themselves got so drunk can’t remember and accuse ! Instead of admitting you slept with a married man or your married yourself ! But women lie just as men lie! That’s obvious in so many cases ! Woman abuse just as men abuse ! So can’t take word if no evidence sorry to say ! And when your 40 plus it’s time to grow up and act like responsible adult ! It seems maybe revenge maybe she liked and he didn’t I don’t know .. Shame on anyone just believing because a woman says so! I knew of one who was accused ruined his life and well he was innocent ! Later proven girl lied and it was all about because guy didn’t want girl ! That happened and it happens! So if he innocent good glad coming out ! If he is guilty it will come out ! But if nothing else the amighty Judge knows and anyone who does this will face him one day !

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