Southern Charm NOLA Star Jeff Charleston Is Dating Again -- Here's What He Looks For In A Woman

Southern Charm NOLA Star Jeff Charleston Is Dating Again -- Here's What He Looks For In A Woman
Credit: Source: Bravo

Southern Charm New Orleans just aired its season finale. The last episode finds the stars in many different positions.

Jeff Charleston has had a hard past couple of years. The ex football player lost contact with his parents, faced the possibility of suffering from permanent football injuries, and got divorced. He also had to witness his ex-wife get engaged, pregnant, and married.

That would take a toll on most people, so fans are wondering how is the Bravolebrity doing now that the season is over.

According to his castmates, Jeff is just fine. He's even dating!

Justin Reese spoke to After Buzz TV.

'He went out on a couple of dates. He told me about one person but it’s so brand new. We’re still trying to wait and see how that develops for him.'

Barry Smith added: 'Jeff is doing Jeff. He’s loving himself finally and I think that’s a good thing.'

In July, the 36-year-old opened up about living the single life and what he looks for in a woman.

'I think my biggest thing is I’m not trying to rush love. I think [I’m looking for] someone that’s laid back, obviously. Someone that likes to be outdoors. Someone that’s active because that’s very important in my life is to, you know, be active, to work out, to eat healthy, to just really enjoy life.'

Although the couple split up, Jeff is still very much in Reagan Charleston's life. Earlier this year, he squashed any speculation that his ex cheated on him with her current husband.

'We were separated. It was very quick on which she moved on, but she never cheated on me. That’s the one thing. Reagan can’t keep a secret and she can’t lie.'

Who do you think Jeff should date? Do you think that Reagan moved on too fast?


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  • Renelle Dickerson
    Renelle Dickerson Aug 12, 2019 12:32 PM PDT

    Katherine stay strong and put everything in God's hand. Trab thinks he untouchable, when God gets finish with him he will be dropping on his knees. Things will work out just have faith.😉

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