Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis Fired From Job And Exposed As The One Who Started Cheating Rumor About Cameran Eubanks' Husband

Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis Fired From Job And Exposed As The One Who Started Cheating Rumor About Cameran Eubanks' Husband
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After using the monkey emoji while slamming a black reporter, Kathryn Dennis has been fired for her racist behavior. The Southern Charm star is also being accused of starting the rumor that Cameran Eubanks' husband is having an affair.

Tamika Gadsden, an African-American journalist who was covering the story of a South Carolina business hosting a Trump rally during the COVID-19 pandemic was met with Kathryn's fury as she used the monkey emoji in one of her insults towards her.

Dennis later apologized but it was too late. The clothing store called Gwynn's that she was contracted at has released a statement.


'As a minority-owned business, Gwynn’s and our employees are dedicated to serving all members of our community. Indisputably Kathryn Dennis’ comments and statements to Tamika Gadsen [sic] do not reflect the values of the Gwynn’s brand. Her previous affiliation as a brand ambassador was periodic and on a contract basis. We stand in unity with people of color and with causes that fight to end injustices.'

Just days later, a report by All About the Tea claimed that Kathryn was planning to expose an affair that Cameran's husband was having with a woman named Rebecca Wash.

The makeup artist has released a statement denying that she knows Eubanks or her husband.

'I have been wrongfully accused of having a relationship with the husband of Cameran Wimberly of Southern Charm. I have never met Jason or Cameran Wimberly in my life. These hurtful accusations are blatant unfounded lies that have shaken me to my core. I am not a religious follower of Southern Charm, but as a makeup artist and resident of the Charleston area, it is impossible to not know who the cast of the show is. I have never laid eyes or interacted with Jason Wimberly, Cameran, or anyone in their beautiful family other than on television.'


She went on to say: 'The allegations that this rumor was started by Kathryn Dennis are even more hurtful. I met Kathryn one time in July 2018 when I did her makeup for a photoshoot for a local clothing store. I have not seen or spoken to Kathryn since. I have only known her in my limited interaction in a professional capacity, and to suggest that I am somehow associated with these allegations is dumbfounding, hurtful, and malicious.
I am so sorry to the Wimberly family that someone would cut so low as to attack the core tenant of anyone’s life – their family.'

Naomie Olindo, who has confirmed that she quit the show, took to her Instagram Story to say: 'To all those asking why Cameran, Chelsea and I (and anyone with a life they want to protect) quit the show. It’s sh-t like this. Shame on you @kathryndennis for this and many other things.'

She added a cheeky monkey emoji to her message.

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