Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis' Ex-Boyfriend Suing Bravo And Half Of Her Castmates For This Reason

Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis' Ex-Boyfriend Suing Bravo And Half Of Her Castmates For This Reason
Credit: Source: Radar Online

Kathryn Dennis has had a few lovers after her breakup with Thomas Ravenel. Her ex-boyfriend who is also a disgraced politician is coming after Bravo producers and half her castmates in a lawsuit.

During an episode of the last season of the show, when Kathryn's co-stars were discussing her new beau Joe Abruzzo -- they showed an inappropriate photo of him that allegedly went viral.

Joe is claiming that the photo was edited to make him appear nude and that producers help his ex-girlfriend and her friends come up with storylines.

In documents obtained by Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Craig Conover, Chelsea Meissner, and Madison LeCroy were named along with Bravo, Haymaker, Universal, and Comcast in a legal complaint.

'The images depicted of Plaintiff Abruzzo require no blurring. His penis cannot be seen, nor could it be described. Kathryn Dennis could not have possibly walked in with anybody ‘looking at a picture of her boyfriend’s pecker.’ These statements are false, and Defendants. LeCroy, Meissner, and the Corporate Defendants knew they were false. These statements were made knowingly and with the intent of disparaging Plaintiff Abruzzo and/or to otherwise portray him in a false light in furtherance of the storylines involved in Southern Charm.'


As a result, the Florida politician claims that his businesses and public reputation have suffered from being talked about in the series.

Joe's attorney also explained how Southern Charm manipulates reality to drum up drama.

'They concoct scenarios to create drama and conflict, and they’ll prompt and prod anyone who dares to go beyond the show, but here, take a few shots of tequila before you do it. The editing process is what it is, and they can make something really appear as something it’s not. If you look at the contract cast members sign, Joe didn’t sign this, but the cast members basically sign a contract that says you basically agree and understand that we will misrepresent things about you.'

Patricia Altschul has heard about the lawsuit and took to Twitter to say that he has no leg to stand on because he agreed to sign a release.


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