Southern Charm - Have Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel Rekindled Their Romance After Nasty Custody Battle?

Southern Charm - Have Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel Rekindled Their Romance After Nasty Custody Battle?
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Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and her baby daddy Thomas Ravenel recently came to an agreement over the custody of their children after a nasty court battle that lasted an entire year. And now, it appears that exes may have rekindled their romance.

Dennis and Ravenel were notorious during the early seasons of Southern Charm because of their tumultuous on again, off again relationship. But, they appeared to be done for good back in 2016 when she lost custody of Kensie, 5, and Saint, 4, and ended up in rehab.

Eventually, Dennis completed rehab and was able to regain joint custody, and both she and Ravenel moved on to new relationships. But, their ability to co-parent started to deteriorate in 2018 when two different women came forward and accused Ravenel of sexual assault.

This led to Dennis filing for full custody of the kids, and Ravenel responded by filing his own petition for full custody, plus a lawsuit against Dennis, Bravo, and Southern Charm producers. Ravenel didn’t want Kensie and Saint appearing on Southern Charm , and he didn’t want Dennis talking about their custody battle and his sexual assault case in front of Bravo cameras.

During the year-long custody battle, both Dennis and Ravenel made horrible accusations against each other. But, in the end they agreed to split custody 36/64, with Ravenel as primary custodian.

Both Ravenel and Dennis are single after ending their relationships with Ashley Jacobs and Hunter Price, respectively. And now it looks like the exes are hanging out again socially. Dennis posted a pic over the weekend of herself with Ravenel at an event in South Carolina, which led to fans asking if the couple was back together.

Ravenel and Dennis attended a James Bond-themed party, and the two seemed quite close. And, an insider recently told People magazine that the duo are back together again.

“Thomas and Kathryn have been spending a lot of time together. They’re on really good terms. It started with co-parenting, but it quickly grew into something more,” said the source. “She feels comfortable with him again, and they’ve both kind of tossed aside any other relationships they had for each other. There’s that spark, and they’re letting themselves explore it right now.”

However, Ravenel denied that he was back together with Dennis when a fan asked him about the relationship on Twitter. Thomas Ravenel did confirm that he and Kathryn Dennis were “doing some things together” because it makes the kids happy to see them get along. Dennis also responded to a friend on Instagram who asked about the Ravenel pic, saying they were "JUST friends."

The insider claims that Dennis and Ravenel aren’t putting a label on things, and haven’t defined their relationship. But, they are rekindling their romance, claims the source.

“The thing with them is, this all can change in two days. That’s how they are. It’s always so up and down. Right now it’s up and in a very good place,” dished the source. “They’ve always still loved each other, no matter what they were going through. They have this very magnetic relationship. It’s like they’re drawn to each other. Whenever they’re in a room, the way they look at each other, they’ve always had this crazy love.”

New episodes of Southern Charm will return to Bravo later this year, but Thomas Ravenel will not return for Season 7.


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