Southern Charm Grande Dame Patricia Altschul Won't Back Down From Trashing 'Moron' Ashley Jacobs

Southern Charm Grande Dame Patricia Altschul Won't Back Down From Trashing 'Moron' Ashley Jacobs
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Someday, Southern Charm villain Ashley Jacobs will go away. Unfortunately, today is not that day. After she crashed Patricia Altschul’s party in the Season 6 finale, the Southern Charm matriarch called Jacobs “insane and a moron,” and now the California nurse is trying to explain her insane behavior.

ICYMI, Jacobs walked into Altschul’s party like she was supposed to be there, but the look on everyone’s face - especially Kathryn Dennis’ - said it all. No one in the cast wanted Jacobs there, especially Altschul, who hired a bodyguard just in case she was crazy enough to show up.

As soon as Jacobs arrived, the bodyguard escorted her out of the party. But, not before Thomas Ravenel’s ex said she “knows what Patricia did.”

After the episode aired, Jacobs talked to Entertainment Tonight, and she said that her thought process for crashing the party was simply “What do I have to lose?”

"At this point, I’m gonna let them remember me,” said Jacobs. "If I’m gonna go down, I might as well just have some fun with this. This is what I was thinking. [Patricia] said some things that just weren’t kind about Kathryn, and she was trying to get me to troll Kathryn and do some things… do her dirty work!"

Jacobs went on to claim that Altschul felt attacked after she went to the press, and she made Jacobs’ life a living hell. At the same time, Dennis was suddenly Altschul’s best friend.

The 34-year-old admits she was surprised that Altschul had a bodyguard waiting for her because she thought maybe she would have class and manners like she wrote about in her book. Jacobs expected Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mom to be a Southern lady and pull her aside so they could talk.

Instead, the bodyguard quickly escorted her out of the party, and Jacobs immediately called Ravenel to “vent” because she was “traumatized.” Crying on the phone, Jacobs told Ravenel, “They embarrassed me!”

Jacobs has since moved back to Santa Barbara, California. So maybe, just maybe, the saga of Ashley Jacobs has come to an end.

Part two of the Season 6 Southern Charm reunion airs Wednesday, August 28th on Bravo.


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