Southern Charm Grande Dame Patricia Altschul Reveals This Subject Is Off Limits At Her Dinner Parties

Southern Charm Grande Dame Patricia Altschul Reveals This Subject Is Off Limits At Her Dinner Parties
Credit: Source: Bravo

It's no secret that Patricia Altschul knows how to throw a great party — and now she has an official title to back up her hosting skills. The Southern Charm star made it onto The Salonniere's list of top 100 best party hosts in the country and revealed what topics are strictly off limits at her dinner parties.

Altschul told the magazine that as a host she believes it is her duty to keep her guests entertained and comfortable with the conversations. To avoid heated discussions, the reality star does not allow politics or religion at her parties, which is probably a good move given today's climate.

"I find that the two most incendiary topics are politics — especially these days — and religion," she explained. "Lively discourse is one thing, but never get into an argument socially about these subjects."

According to Bravo TV , the Southern Charm Grande Dame noted that she appreciates diversity and the opinion of others, but she simply wants to avoid fights at social events. At the end of the day, Altschul knows that she will never change anyone's mind at a party and that arguing is a fruitless endeavor. This is especially true when it comes to deeply rooted beliefs like religion and politics.

Altschul joins a pretty exclusive list of celebrities that have also been named America's best party hosts. This includes the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Oprah Winfrey. She also was not the only Charleston native on the list. Altschul's best friend, Carolyne Roehm, was also honored with the title.

When it comes to her dream guests, the reality star revealed that she would love to play host to Elvis, Picasso, Marilyn Monroe, Richard Burton, Queen Victoria, Steve Jobs, the Duchess of Devonshire and Bunny Mellon. With a guest list like that, who wouldn't want to be invited?

Production for the new season of Southern Charm is currently underway. Bravo has yet to reveal when the series will return in full force, but fans can rest assured that Patricia Altschul will be a part of the action when it does.


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