Southern Charm Delays Filming Amid Claims The Show Is 'In Trouble' - Is It Time To Bring Back Thomas Ravenel?

Southern Charm Delays Filming Amid Claims The Show Is 'In Trouble' - Is It Time To Bring Back Thomas Ravenel?
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Southern Charm has delayed filming for next season, and this time it’s not because of a natural disaster. In September 2018, Bravo had to push back production because of Hurricane Florence. But this time, production is on hold because the current cast hasn’t been bringing the drama. Is it time to bring back Thomas Ravenel ?

According to Radar Online , no one in the cast has started filming Season 7. Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Cameran Eubanks, Craig Conover, Chelsea Meissner, and Naomie Olindo are all taking a break because nothing is going on, and that could mean the future of the show is at risk.

“Bravo is searching for new cast members and there are just not any story lines that they really want to cover right now,” revealed an insider. “None of the cast members are filming. The drama just wasn’t there last season and the show is in trouble.”

Just before filming started last season, Bravo fired Ravenel after two women made claims of sexual assault and just before he and Dennis got into a nasty custody battle. Since then, Ravenel has said he regrets starring on the reality show, and he even sued Bravo and Southern Charm’s production company to stop Dennis from talking about their custody case.

Recently, Ravenel and Dennis’ one-year custody war finally ended, with Ravenel remaining the primary custodian of their two children - Kensie and Saint - and the exes will split 50/50 legal custody. However, the court ordered Dennis to have a nanny supervise all of her visitation time with the kids and Ravenel has to pay for it.

Their custody agreement also states that neither child is allowed to watch Southern Charm until they are 13, and neither Ravenel nor Dennis can have anyone stay overnight while the kids are in their care.

Ravenel also made a plea deal in his assault case and was able to avoid jail time. He agreed to pay one of his accusers - former nanny Dawn Ledwell - $125,000 as settlement for her attorney’s fees and a donation to the charity People Against Rape .

Now that Ravenel and Dennis’ custody case is over and his criminal cases have been settled, will the former South Carolina treasurer consider going back to Southern Charm ?  Would Bravo even consider it? As fans know, it was Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis who always brought the drama. And, the insider says it needs to happen again because that’s what the producers are looking for.


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  • Priscilla Pillsbury
    Priscilla Pillsbury Nov 10, 2019 9:22 AM PST

    In actuality, there are no legit friends anymore amongst the cast. In earlier seasons this was not totally the case. There were several actual connections and friendships. Although there was conflict, the drama resulted from real life situations, ambitions and competitions. Now, Cam is happily married, her 'friendships" with Shep and Craig are peripheral at best. Kathryn has dissed Danni one too many times for them to continue as best buds. Kathryn sense of reality seems to be nothing more than a reality show. She seems to make no consistent progress in her personal life. The naked truth about her mothering and bad habits all came out in court. For a few seasons she was the underdog we passionately rooted for. Can we now? Naomi is locked down with her boring business and boring boyfriend. She is intolerant of everyone except her boyfriend (who is intolerant of her). Madison is contemptible. Austin flows any way the wind blows. None of the above is in any way"charming" or entertaining any longer.

  • Renae Mayfield
    Renae Mayfield Nov 10, 2019 6:03 AM PST

    Bring back T-Rex for sure!

  • Mccracken
    Mccracken Nov 8, 2019 7:12 AM PST

    Last season was boring. Bring Thomas back and his bourbon friend JD.

  • Iknowright
    Iknowright Nov 7, 2019 12:50 AM PST

    With all the uppity people in that area.Shouldn't be hard to find replacements.Hope Craig &Shep can be recast to someone with a storyline.

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