Southern Charm Alum Ashley Jacobs Goes Instagram Official With New Boyfriend While Throwing Shade At Thomas Ravenel

Southern Charm Alum Ashley Jacobs Goes Instagram Official With New Boyfriend While Throwing Shade At Thomas Ravenel
Credit: Source: Instagram

Southern Charm alum Ashley Jacobs is done stirring up drama in Charleston, South Carolina, and she is back in her home state of California living a new life with a new man. Jacobs recently posted on Instagram that she has gone back to nursing, and she is also dating the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of designer undergarment brand Related Garments, Mike Appel.

As Southern Charm fans are painfully aware, Jacobs, 35, left her friends and family and moved across the country to live with Thomas Ravenel, 57, just weeks after they met in May 2017. Ravenel is no stranger to dating women who are decades younger than he is, as he has two kids with his former co-star Kathryn Dennis, 28.

Jacobs ended up being a featured player during Season 5 of Southern Charm and went head-to-head with Dennis on multiple occasions, calling her names like “egg donor” during the former couple’s custody dispute over their kids, Kensie and Saint.

In August 2018, Ravenel left the show after two women accused him of sexual assault. And, the former South Carolina state treasurer also broke up with Jacobs, but the California nurse returned to Southern Charm for a couple of cameos during Season 6.

Now that she has put her reality TV life behind her, Jacobs is back in California working as a nurse and she has a new man in her life. On Monday, Jacobs posted a happy birthday message for Appel, and threw a little shade at Ravenel in the process.

“Found someone close to my own age!! 😉,” wrote Jacobs. “And our birthdays are just a day a part! Happy birthday to this cutie ♥️ Thanks for making me smile!!”

Back in July, Jacobs told Entertainment Tonight that her relationship with Ravenel caused her to suffer from depression. She said she lost a lot of weight and wasn’t taking care of herself mentally.

“It was extremely lonely because I didn’t have the support of my family, they were very disappointed in my decision,” explained Jacobs.

Since leaving South Carolina and Southern Charm , Jacobs has apologized to Dennis via an Instagram message for her behavior during her time on the show. She wrote that it wasn’t her place to say anything, much less make reckless comments. Ashley Jacobs admitted she crossed a line and hurt people who didn’t deserve it.

Season 7 of Southern Charm is expected to premiere in the spring of 2020, and Kathryn Dennis said at BravoCon that Ashley Jacobs will not be back.


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