Southern Charm Alum Ashley Jacobs Gives Heartbreaking Insight On Being A Nurse During Coronavirus Pandemic

Southern Charm Alum Ashley Jacobs Gives Heartbreaking Insight On Being A Nurse During Coronavirus Pandemic
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The social distancing order put in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic is keeping loved ones from seeing each other. Someone who has witnessed the sad events play out firsthand is Southern Charm alum, Ashley Jacobs.

Before being the villain on Bravo's southern royalty show, she was a nurse in California. After falling out with the cast and a terrible breakup with Thomas Ravenel, Jacobs returned to her roots.

She's currently serving as a nurse in a facility where there are many seniors who aren't able to see their families or spouses in person. Additionally, they aren't able to gather inside with other residents leaving them to feel extremely lonely.

The reality star took to Instagram to give some heartbreaking insight.

'We’ve all seen photos on the news of people knocking on nursing home windows, trying to see their elderly family members through the glass barrier. As a fellow nurse working in a skilled nursing facility, what a blessed experience it has been to witness those moments firsthand. I have particularly enjoyed using my phone for FaceTime so my residents can see their loved ones face to face♥️ Social distancing is so crucial at this time, but it also exacerbates a known crisis faced by all nursing homes...loneliness. Spouses and children who regularly see their loved ones in the nursing homes have not been able to visit them for the past month and now it could be weeks or even months longer. No volunteers to come see them, no activities, no meals in the dining room etc. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see this isolation lead to loneliness and depression. Nursing home staff have a good amount of practice in safeguarding the health of seniors during an outbreak, however, I have learned that comforting their hearts and spirits is just as crucial. These will be trying times for thousands of seniors and their families.'

She went on to offer advice on how the general public can help.

'There’s plenty of work left ahead for the rest of us to ensure that our nation’s elderly and most vulnerable are never left feeling abandoned. If you know someone living in a nursing home, whether you’re family or just a friend, FaceTime and Skype are great options if facilities have it set up, but know that the phone is likely the best way to get in touch and still the most cherished form of communication! (Thank you so much for reading) Stay safe out there, friends🙏 God Bless'

It's great to see that the healthcare worker is doing everything she can do to help during this trying time.

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