Sources Say Trump Went 'Ballistic' After His Personal Twitter Account Was Banned

Sources Say Trump Went 'Ballistic' After His Personal Twitter Account Was Banned
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According to a report from Hot New Hip Hop this weekend, Donald Trump 's personal account on Twitter will be banned. This all comes after the president of the United States of America supposedly incited the Capitol Hill riots which left approximately five people dead and others injured, including one police officer who was killed.

There's no question that Twitter became Trump's platform of choice over the years, with the president frequently using it to voice his thoughts of the day, and also to fight back against what he called "fake news," a term he popularized but didn't invent.

A senior administration official supposedly claimed that the president of the United States of America went "ballistic" after hearing about the news. The source spoke with Politico not long after Twitter had implemented the ban.

The official went on to say that the decision left the president wondering what his options are, considering he has reportedly been banned from a number of social media platforms over the last few days.

Biden's inauguration is coming up, and social sharing platforms have reportedly tried to quell any speech from the president for fear of Joe Biden's safety and the inauguration event. Other reports have claimed the president will not go to the inauguration.

Hot New Hip Hop says Trump is currently looking into other websites as a Twitter replacement. There are also reports claiming the president - who is about to step down - would begin his own social media website in the coming weeks.

Other rumors have stated that he wanted to start using Parler, an application that Google supposedly eliminated from their app store, while Apple, on the other hand, supposedly urged them to agree with their terms and conditions in just 24 hours of the news coming out.

Even though the president is no longer allowed to use his personal account, Trump still has the right to use the POTUS account, although, Twitter has said it will be heavily monitored.

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