Sources Say That Meghan Markle Feels A Lot More 'Free' Following Her Move To LA

Sources Say That Meghan Markle Feels A Lot More 'Free' Following Her Move To LA
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Sources say that Meghan Markle and her man, Prince Harry, feel liberated while staying in Los Angeles. According to Bang Show Biz, the couple has really been enjoying their time in quarantine as well as their move from the UK to LA.

On account of the COVID-19 lockdown, Meghan and Harry were able to take a walk around the city she grew up in. The streets were obviously quite empty on account of the pandemic and resulting nationwide lockdown.

Sources who spoke with the aforementioned outlet claimed that Harry and Meghan had a chance to explore the city in a way that they normally wouldn't. In other words, the paparazzi weren't out and about as they normally would be, so they were free to roam the streets as much as they wanted without harassment.

The insider shared that it took paparazzi around two days before they finally discovered they were there. According to the source, they had the ability to actually drive themselves around so the quarantine was really quite liberating.

According to reports, the Suits actress has wanted to move to the city with Harry for a long time, but it wasn't an easy feat for Harry, who had to leave his entire family behind in the United Kingdom. Moreover, Harry had to leave much of his old life behind as well.

To make matters more complicated for the former prince, he doesn't know a lot of people in Los Angeles, so it's definitely been somewhat of a struggle for the ex-royal family member. Harry had a lifestyle and routine established in the United Kingdom that was like no other, although, so did Meghan when she married him.

Regarding their family life, Harry and Meghan have been enjoying their time with baby Archie in the lockdown. During a conversation with The Sunday Times, the source stated they loved watching their child reach so many of his "milestones."

As most know, the couple's decision to leave the royal family came as a huge surprise. They released a joint statement at the beginning of the year saying they would be walking away from their duties just a few months after the initial statement.

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