Sources Say RuPaul Is Sick Of Being Criticized On Social Media

Sources Say RuPaul Is Sick Of Being Criticized On Social Media
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RuPaul isn't interested in social media scrutiny anymore. Page Six spoke to sources this week who touched on the reason why the Drag Race host chose to take some time away from Instagram and other social sharing platforms.

As it was previously reported, the Drag Race host sent his fans and followers into a crazed tirade when he suddenly began eliminating some of his past posts on Instagram. Many of his posts suddenly disappeared, and many became instantly concerned.

For instance, one user asked RuPaul directly what was happening to his account. The user told him that someone had clearly hacked his account and started to delete all of the old content. Page Six spoke to sources who say RuPaul just wants to remain on the down-low for the next little while.

According to the insider, the Black Lives Matter protests, for instance, were very "overwhelming" for someone like RuPaul. Some users put him on blast for appearing to not support the movement. RuPaul simply got fed up with defending himself, so he chose not to bother with it anymore.

Fans of the reality star know he has already come under fire for a number of reasons regarding his show. For instance, fans took him to task for not having enough diverse cast members on Drag Race.

The host responded to the criticism by claiming he was "black, gay, and a drag queen," so obviously there is diversity on the show. Additionally, sources have claimed RuPaul doesn't care much about his contestants.

One source claimed his nickname behind the scenes is "Rude Paul," and no one is allowed to speak to him until they're given expressed permission. The same insider claimed people aren't allowed to be friendly with him. They don't have that right, and aren't allowed to "make small talk," the source added.


Page Six says, however, that sources close to the production claim the opposite is true. RuPaul isn't mean to the cast and crew and never has been. Coincidentally, another gay icon, Ellen DeGeneres, has been accused of being mean to people behind set as well.

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