Sources Say Kanye West Is Not Doing Well As Rumors Continue To Swell That He And Kim Are Divorcing

Sources Say Kanye West Is Not Doing Well As Rumors Continue To Swell That He And Kim Are Divorcing
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Kanye West is an attention-grabbing artist, whether it's in the entertainment news media or as a musical artist. But for the last few weeks, we haven't heard much about the rapper who is rumored to be in the middle of a divorce with his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Hot New Hip Hop says Kanye all but fell off the face of the world after the 2020 presidential election that saw the victory of Joe Biden against Donald Trump. Fans of the rapper know he was a contender as well, but everyone knew he was going to lose.

There are other rumors that Kanye has forgotten about his record, "Donda: With Child," which he talked about last year. This type of announcement isn't a big deal to fans, who have grown accustomed to Kanye's continuous scrapping of records after announcing them.

All of that is neither here nor there, however, because fans believe Kanye is just staying out of the spotlight as a result of the Kimye divorce rumors. As it was previously reported, Kim and Kanye's 2020 reportedly proved to be too much to bear for Kim, who sources say tried her hardest to keep their marriage together for as long as she could.

While it hasn't been confirmed if Kanye and Kim are really getting divorced or not, most entertainment news outlets have all but concluded it's over. Sources recently spoke with People Magazine about Kim and Kanye, saying how the rapper isn't doing well these days because he's beginning to realize that Kim is about to walk away.

The insider said to the publication that Kanye isn't doing well because he's beginning to understand that Kim has had enough, and she's ready to leave him once and for all. Reportedly, Kanye's intention to run for the presidency was the last straw.

The insider went on to say that Kim is simply not on board with Kanye's plans, including the idea of him being president which was widely ridiculed by a lot of their peers.


As for their kids, the source stated that Kim is adamant that Kanye will be able to see their children as much as he wants. Kim has never threatened the rapper's right to see his children.

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