Sources Say It Was Kanye's Presidential Run That Finally Broke Kim Kardashian's Spirit

Sources Say It Was Kanye's Presidential Run That Finally Broke Kim Kardashian's Spirit
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A report from Page Six said today that the exact moment Kim Kardashian decided to split from Kanye was earlier last year. Kanye famously told the world he was going to run for the presidency of the United States of America during the 4th of July weekend, a decision that was hailed by some but laughed at by others.

A source from Page Six says this was the straw that broke the camel's back for Kim. She just knew at that moment that it was time for her to walk away from Kanye because it seems like his antics were never going to stop.

As it was previously reported, sources close to the couple began speculating Kim and Kanye were about to break up earlier in the week. Page Six was the first to report that one of the world's most famous couples were about to dissolve their marriage.

According to the insider, Kim realized she needed to break up with Kanye not only for her kids but for her "own sanity." The rapper's neverending shenanigans have proven to be a source of stress, problems, and ridicule for Kim, the source remarked.

In case you weren't there for it, Kanye first kicked off his bid for the seat in the Oval Office last year in July , and part of his speech included a line about how Harriet Tubman supposedly never freed any slaves, but instead, released them to a new form of slavery under a capitalist economic and social structure.

Additionally, Kanye referred to his own mother-in-law as Kris Jong-Un and slammed other members of the family. Furthermore, the fact that Kim never came out and endorsed her own husband for the presidency was a source of gossip.

Page Six claims that neither party has said anything about their purported divorce, but insiders have claimed there are no "hard feelings" between them at this point. They're both very dedicated to raising their kids together.

Furthermore, a new report from the outlet says Kim was seen walking out in public with a wedding band on her finger, so maybe they haven't split up yet. Some speculate it's possible they're not divorcing at all.

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