Sources Say Ellen DeGeneres Has 'No Idea' Where 'Insane' Eye-Contact Rule Came From

Sources Say Ellen DeGeneres Has 'No Idea' Where 'Insane' Eye-Contact Rule Came From
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A new report from Page Six said today that Ellen DeGeneres has no idea where the "no eye-contact rule" came from. In case you missed it, staff members were supposedly told no one was allowed to make eye contact with the notorious television show host.

Sources who spoke with the aforementioned outlet claims Ellen spoke with her employees on Monday afternoon and touched on the unspoken rule that people aren't allowed to look at her in the eye.

Ellen said to her staffers, "I don't know where it started," and went on to tell her employees to look at her. The television show host said she had no idea where it came from, and it's completely unlike her to ever create such a "crazy" rule.

She described it as "just not true." In case you missed it, an ex- Today show producer from Australia claims one of her staff members told her not to look at Ellen when she went to visit the set back in 2013.

Neil Breen reflected on a conversation he had with one of her producers, and he says he was told that Ellen would come in to talk to Richard, the host, and then leave, without speaking to anyone.

Reportedly, sources also said Ellen was excited to talk more with her staff in the coming weeks, especially as the show is gearing up to go back on the air. Sources claim Ellen has plans to speak with her staff a lot more once it starts up again.

According to multiple reports, WarnerMedia is coming close to finishing their investigation into the conduct of staff on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which, thus far, has led to the firing of three different executive producers.

Deadline recently reported that there are some employees on the series who have talked about how good things are on set, including the in-house DJ, Stephen Boss, who says there's "been love." Deadline says he is now one of the co-executive producers.

The top producers were fired due to allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct.

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