Sources Say Donald Trump Might Drop Out Of 2020 Presidential Race

Sources Say Donald Trump Might Drop Out Of 2020 Presidential Race
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According to multiple reports, Donald Trump may not be running for re-election this year. Fox News reported today that Donald Trump is considering dropping out of the presidential race, but only if his poll numbers drop even lower than they are right now.

The publication claims that Donald's numbers at the polls haven't been good for the last few weeks, and Republican sources state that the president of the United States may back out of the 2020 race due to a fear of him not winning.

A source who spoke with Fox News stated that it was too early to tell at the moment, but if his numbers continue to slide down, it's a possibility that the president will back out and let someone else run for the head of state.

The news likely comes as a massive shock to many due to the fact that he's up against Joe Biden. Social media users have argued for months that Joe Biden doesn't have the energy to take on the charismatic president.

Another GOP member said they had heard the rumors but they're unclear if there's merit to them. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Donald Trump's numbers at the polls have continued to decrease ever since the Black Lives Matter protests kicked off shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there is a large body of people online who have pointed to the fact that many polls from 2015 and 2016 saw Hillary Clinton defeating the president in a massive landslide, which obviously never happened.

In other news, Trump was in the headlines again, albeit indirectly, when Jon Stewart referred to the POTUS as an "agent of chaos." During his virtual appearence on The View, Jon warned voters of the possibility of Trump winning the next election.

He claimed that if Trump were to take the chief-in-command position once again, the next four years would be even worse than the previous term.

Among his examples of Trump's inefficiency included his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Stewart went on to say that it would be "bananas" if he managed to win again in spite of his history.

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