Sources Claim Blac Chyna Didn't Have A Weapon During Confrontation With Her Stylist

Sources Claim Blac Chyna Didn't Have A Weapon During Confrontation With Her Stylist
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According to a report from, Blac Chyna reportedly was involved in a nasty situation on the 11th of May over a payment to a stylist. The police report obtained by the outlet claims the unidentified stylist was at the reality star's home in California when they began fighting.

Allegedly, the stylist was trying to get paid for her work, and then Chyna suddenly pulled out a knife. Following the brief altercation, the hair stylist and her friends threw soda cans at Chyna's vehicle, however, a source who spoke with TMZ claims Chyna didn't actually have a weapon on her.

Additionally, Blac Chyna's son was apparently there for the altercation, which would mean that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services could be getting involved. Supposedly, the department has plans to begin checking in on her and the child to determine King Cairo's welfare.

An insider with the law enforcement said to TMZ that Chyna's name was included on a deadly weapon report. Her name, Angela White, was featured in the document. Thus far, neither Chyna nor the hair stylist has spoken of the incident.

However, as fans of the reality star know, Blac Chyna has been in trouble with the authorities on more than one occasion, including one incident at Six Flags, when an unidentified person supposedly touched Chyna's child.

The incident was captured on an anonymous person's cell phone and broadcasted to the world. It showed Chyna, wearing an all-white outfit, grabbing a stroller and hurling it around at a person.

Later on, Chyna took to her social media to say that the person tried to grab her child, and she has no patience for people doing such a thing. It was the sense of entitlement and the fact that the person believed they even had the right to touch her kid that bothered her the most.

Chyna isn't the only person to complain about this phenomenon, as celebrities frequently criticize the way in which the public often believe they're entitled to take a photo with their favorite public figure, with no regard or concern for personal boundaries.

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