Source Reveals Why Kim Kardashian And Beyonce Never Got Along! - 'She Doesn't Respect Her!'

Source Reveals Why Kim Kardashian And Beyonce Never Got Along! - 'She Doesn't Respect Her!'
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Sources close to the two women have revealed just why Kim K and Beyonce never really got along even long before their rapper husbands started feuding. Fans know very well that the singer and the reality TV star are not exactly BFFs and they've never been.

That being said, however, with the two having a lot of mutual celeb friends and with their husbands being good friends once, they were forced to spend time together.

But every time they were caught in each other’s company, they seemed not to vibe at all – there was no real bonding time, only cold, and frankly, quite obviously uncomfortable encounters.

We never knew why, however, but fortunately, an insider has the answer!

‘Beyonce’s never gelled with Kim, she just does not respect her or like her, she never has, even before Kim got with Kanye. Beyonce cannot stand the whole reality TV thing, and she thinks Kim would do anything for fame, she just feels they are two totally different people with nothing in common. Beyonce is always polite to Kim when she sees her, but you can tell it is forced and that there is no warmth or genuineness in her interactions.’

That makes sense now! It always seemed like Kim was open to being great pals with Beyonce, but the superstar looked uninterested.

As you may already be aware, the two celebs met again recently at Serena Williams’ wedding, and despite all of their animosities, they acted cordially for the sake of their mutual friend’s big day.


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