Soulja Boy's Brother Allegedly 'Exposes' The Rapper - Here's His Latest Message

Soulja Boy's Brother Allegedly 'Exposes' The Rapper - Here's His Latest Message
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Soulja Boy 's brother Lil 100 seems to have a massive problem with his older brother, and he threatened to expose him. Here's what his now-deleted post said. Hot New Hip Hop first reported the news.

'I hate the fact you my brother,' he wrote in the since-deleted post.

He continued and said 'You claim you getting money with all those old ass whips and fake ass jewelry […] Tell me who you done put on that was loyal to you. You running with niggas who use to clown you. My fault you love when niggas extort you.'

After this post, Lil 100's profile got deleted, and then he reappeared as a private account. HNHH notes that the only source of his rant can be found on the Akademiks page.

The past couple of years have been quite chaotic for Big Soulja because he got robbed while he was on Instagram live and more.

100 decided to address Soulja Boy's so-called 'temper tantrums' and the fact that he would get violent with his ex-GF and daughter of Teddy Riley, Nia Riley.

100 added this: 'Stop embarrassing yourself on social media. I ain’t gone worry about u denied the truth because you know I got proof gay ass nigga. I’m gone expose you and pops can’t save you when I expose you. You can lie to the media but u can’t lie to me.'

'Souljas not broke though?? How you broke but renting a mansion own all them cars and have a net worth of 30 mill come on now it sounds like somebody jealous asf,' someone posted in the comments section.

Another follower said 'I always wonder if his jewelry was fake cause they looked hella fake.'

What do you think about all this?

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  • Jessie James
    Jessie James Nov 25, 2018 3:11 PM PST

    Soulja Boy is a (1) wonder hit! The kids loved the song & the dance but that was over a decade ago, It's over. He probably ain't broke in our standards but in the industry it's a diffrent lifestyle. You sign a deal for $millions your young got a hit record you have your groupies, entourage family & friend's comimg out the like thirsty roaches begging, you spending money you it's important to have an accountant that is trust worthy you still have to watch them with your money, Souljas brother might have jealousy in his heart but there is truth in his words, soulja don't have money like that for an average Joe it's cool but not celeb status, he got royalties hopefully investments but like so many before him the go broke, look at MC Hammer, he said you have a $10 million dollar mansion you need close to or over a $ million a month for proper upkeep gardening, pool & property mateninece you have Water, Electricty, Maids, Chauffeur, Cooks, Nannys, Whips, Maintaining insurance for foreign cars, then you have your drug dealers, strippers, side chicks, baby mommas, hanger ones, family & friend's you take care of so that $10 million is gone,

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