Soulja Boy Reportedly Kidnapped Woman, Broke Three Of Her Ribs And Gave Her A Concussion!

Soulja Boy Reportedly Kidnapped Woman, Broke Three Of Her Ribs And Gave Her A Concussion!
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New reports claim that the rapper was accused of kicking and punching a woman and then kidnapping her! Despite the fact that Soulja Boy’s manager has already denied the allegations against him, TMZ reports via insiders that he is being accused of assault and kidnapping after an altercation on the night of February 2.

The woman, supposedly named Kayla, was apparently dating Soulja.

Regardless, the rapper has actually been posting on social media about someone else – a model by the name of Tiona Fernan.

Now, TMZ shared information they obtained from sources that claim to be linked to this ‘Kayla.’

According to them, the woman was at Soulja’a house on Friday night when they started to have an argument.

After things escalated more, she was apparently told to leave the property at around 2:30 AM on Saturday.

Kayla did just that, the sources shared with the outlet.

But on her way out, she reversed down the rapper’s driveway and hit a curb.

When Soulja’s assistant that was out, saw this, they became ‘agitated’ which led to a fight between Kayla and the assistant.

That is when the rapper allegedly came outside to try and break the fight up.

While Kayla was on the ground, the man supposedly punched and kicked her and then dragged her inside the house where she was tied to a chair with an extension cord!

The insiders tell the outlet that she remained in the garage, tied up for no less than six hours!

Upon getting released, she called the police and went to the hospital.

TMZ reports that she presented three fractured ribs as well as a concussion.

For now, it is being reported that the authorities are investigating the accusations, which means that Kayla filed a report.

But while the insiders claim the aggressor is Soulja Boy, the police is yet to reveal the names of the people involved.

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