Soulja Boy Is Reportedly Arrested Following Accusations Of Keeping Someone A Hostage - The Cops Found Ammo In His Home

Soulja Boy Is Reportedly Arrested Following Accusations Of Keeping Someone A Hostage - The Cops Found Ammo In His Home
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It seems that rapper Soulja Boy was arrested after ammo has been found in his home, according to the latest reports. Here are more details released by The Shade Room.

TSR writes that the rapper's arrest is due to a probation violation, and quotes a report coming from TMZ.

'Eight years ago he was convicted for weapons charges, and y’all remember back in 2016—when on probation for those charges, he violated those probation terms for threatening people online, and having a weapon in his home,' according to TSR.

They continue and detail that Soulja had to go see his probation officer today, 'and that’s when they got him as they found some ammunition in his home after issuing a search warrant when a woman claimed that he held her hostage in his garage.'

Soulja has reportedly denied all claims of holding anyone hostage, but due to the fact that the police found ammunition in his home, this clearly violates his probation because he’s not supposed to have such things in his house.

According to TSR, Soulja was supposed to perform at the Clippers game tonight, and it's not sure whether that will still be happening.

He’s set to appear in front of a judge later today, and TSR notes that he can still be able to sing tonight as scheduled, depending on what happens later.

Someone commented 'How many times he been online with Guns!?'

Another follower posted 'He has seen his probation officer today, and the police got a call from a woman saying he was holding her hostage.'

Someone else wrote 'Reading is fundamental! His home got searched because a woman said he held her hostage!'

Another person said that 'Guns aren’t illegal so why not get registered and avoid these issues?'

More people joked that this is Blac Chyna's revenge. If you recall, not too long ago he mocked Chyna on social media quite a lot.

He claimed that they were a couple and then he was more than disrespectful towards her.

The worst post that Soulja had was the one in which he was telling Tyga that he hooked up with his baby mama and played Fortnite with his son, King Cairo. After that, Tyga clapped back via a video with some lyrics.

Anyway, stay tuned for more details.

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