Soulja Boy Is Hit By A Lawsuit By His Ex-GF

Soulja Boy Is Hit By A Lawsuit By His Ex-GF
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Soulja Biy has been hit by a lawsuit by his ex-GF. The Shade Room has all the available details and you can check them out below.

TSR noted that has been hit with a lawsuit from an ex-girlfriend that has claimed he abused her throughout their relationship.

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TSR mentions documents that TMZ has been able to obtain and reveals that 'the ex-girlfriend does not want to reveal her identity and filed the lawsuit as Jane Doe while detailing the alleged abuse she endured during the course of their relationship.'

'The woman claims she was pregnant by Soulja Boy back in 2015, and things became violent between the two when a conversation turned to him allegedly punching her until she could no longer stand. While on the floor, the woman claims she tried to shield herself from the alleged abuse, which also included her being kicked. She claims shortly after the incident she suffered a miscarriage,' TSR made sure to point out.

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TSR also noted that the woman had a lot to say about the abuse. She also said that there's been another incident that took place back in 2017 where she says Soulja became upset when he thought she was leaving him.

Someone said: 'We all know it’s nia 😂 like Jane doe ??? Really?' and anothr follower posted this: 'i believe nia. if you watched love & hiphop you know how devastated & depressed she used to look.'

A folower said: 'I believe it. You see how he did Nia in Marriage Bootcamp 👀 somebody find the clip,' and someone else posted this: 'Nia Riley has BEEN spoken out, we will not keep ignoring y’all think everything a joke. His music aint even that good.'


One other follower said: 'Byeeee she just want some of that money he made from that tiktok song 😂' and a commenter posted this message: 'She want some of the Soulja she make it clap clap clap money.'

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