Soulja Boy Gets A Blac Chyna Tattoo Following Their Brief Fling

Soulja Boy Gets A Blac Chyna Tattoo Following Their Brief Fling
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Soulja apparently got a tattoo for a bizarre reason. The star recently swapped one bad tattoo for another one reports Currently, the "Crank That" rapper has begun the process of removing the Gucci tattoo on his forehead following the company's "blackface" scandal and the subsequent boycott.

However, putting aside the fashion brand's ink on his body, the rapper supposedly got body art in dedication to the reality star, Blac Chyna, formerly the fiancée of Rob Kardashian. Rumor has it that he got the new tattoo on Valentine's Day.

Ironically, he has been talking badly about her so the response to his new body art has been quite mixed. For one, he has even been insulting the reality star today. It's possible that Soulja Boy is feeling a bit stupid about getting the tattoo in the first place.

Recently, Soulja Boy even claims to have slept with Jordyn Woods, the best friend of Kylie Jenner. As it was reported previously, Jordyn ex-communicated herself from the graces of the Kardashian/Jenner clan after she made out with Tristan Thompson at a party last Sunday night.

Since then, reports have described Jordyn as living in isolation because her best friend is gone as is her old social circle. Some on social media have suggested that Soulja Boy is just taking his shot at Woods right now because she's an easy target. Putting that all aside, Soulja Boy and Drake have reportedly been feuding these days as well, mostly because, truth be told, Drake is the biggest rapper/singer in the game right now.

As a consequence of his success, Drake seems to have a target on his back among other rappers. Formerly, even DMX, during an appearence on The Breakfast Club , said that he didn't like anything about Drake -  even his haircut.

Charlamagne Tha God, in the background, cheered DMX on the whole time, but the Toronto-native went on to bring DMX into his good graces by apparently asking to use of his old songs. Similar to his old feud with DMX, Drake brought Soulja Boy under his wing recently as well, crushing the one-sided beef once and for all.

As it was reported previously, Soulja Boy -  during an appearence on The Breakfast Club -  took aim at a number of different artists including the "God's Plan" artist and Kanye West. Beef or no beef, Soulja Boy has managed to get a lot of press lately, so hats off to him for his marketing savvy at least.

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