Soulja Boy Claims He Hooked Up With Jordyn Woods!

Soulja Boy Claims He Hooked Up With Jordyn Woods!
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Jordyn Woods is getting her fair share of publicity after news broke that she was creepin' around with Khloe Kardashian's man. Soulja Boy has decided to put his two cents in and what he revealed may surprise you.

Soulja Boy took to Twitter to say: "You gotta watch these h*** they will f*** ya man look at Jordyn and Khloe smh wow."

After a follower told the rapper that he probably wishes he could 'get a piece of that Jordyn' action the professional troll responded: "Been had that."

Soulja Boy has been keeping his name in the headlines throughout this new year after his iconic interview where he disputed that Tyga made the biggest comeback of 2018.

Since then, fans have been watching his every move. From his stint on 'Marriage Boot Camp' to his recently short-lived romance with Blac Chyna -- Soulja is keeping his momentum back in the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Jordyn Woods is feeling the effects of being shunned from her second family.


She has been unfollowed by most of the Karjenner sisters (excluding Kylie) and was booted from her BFF's guest house .

Allegedly, she can't get any of the siblings on the phone since the news broke because they are ignoring her calls.

The Jordyn lip kit on Kylie's website was slashed in price and Khloe Kardashian deleted her Good American photoshoot from the clothing brand's website.

To be clear, Woods has her own money and comes from a well-known family in Hollywood. She has the pleasure of calling Will Smith her uncle.

However, it appears that she may be seeking employment. It was recently reported that she turned in a resume at SUR, the filming location for 'Vanderpump Rules.'

If it's true and Jordyn gets the OK from LVP to work there, it could mean that she will be launching a whole new Hollywood image. Do you believe Soulja Boy?

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