Sophie Turner Pays Tribute To Daughter Willa And Husband Joe Jonas By Getting ‘W’ And ‘J’ Tattoos

Sophie Turner Pays Tribute To Daughter Willa And Husband Joe Jonas By Getting ‘W’ And ‘J’ Tattoos
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Sophie Turner loves her new daughter Willa and husband, Joe Jonas so much that she wanted to show it on her skin forever! And that’s exactly what she did!

The Game of Thrones actress and the Jonas Brothers singer welcomed their baby girl not too long ago and she made sure to pay tribute to the newborn, but also to her life partner by getting the letters ‘W’ and ‘J’ for Willa and Joe, inked on her wrist!

She then took to her go-to social media page and shared a pic of the new tattoo, showing it off to the whole world.

Sophie was also wearing a shirt that advised people to ‘Get your emotions in motion!’

This come only three days after Sophie paid homage to her 4 month old daughter in a different way as well!

At the time, she shared another selfie in which it could be seen that she was rocking a necklace that had Willa’s birth date, 22.07.20, inscribed on it!

Speaking of tattoos and tributes, Joe also seemed to honor his wife with some ink not too long ago.

Just last month, after showing off his new tat, fans started theorizing that the woman looking through the tattooed keyhole on Joe’s neck was none other than Sophie in drawing form!

It really appears like the married couple loves permanent but subtle gestures like these to show love rather than massive declarations on social media, for instance.

They are also seen in public, on strolls with their infant from time to time, much to the excitement of fans who are anxiously waiting to see the baby’s face for the first time.


For the time being, however, it does not seem like the new parents are ready for that and would rather protect her privacy.

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