Sophie Turner - Here's Why She Chose To Take Husband Joe Jonas’ Family Name

Sophie Turner - Here's Why She Chose To Take Husband Joe Jonas’ Family Name
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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are now officially husband and wife after getting hitched in Las Vegas in a surprise ceremony just a few days ago! Furthermore, it turns out that she has taken his name as well and the reason is actually very romantic.

One source explained to HollywoodLife that ‘Sophie feels like it is an honor to take Joe’s last name, she's so in love and giddy about being Mrs. Joe Jonas. She is all in with Joe and she wants her new name to signify her new life with him. It is not something she felt like she had to do, but she absolutely wanted this. Not only is it something she always saw herself doing, but she also feels like it is romantic.’

That means that the Game of Thrones actress is the third woman marrying a Jonas that has taken the family name.

As fans know, Kevin’s wife Danielle has as well, back when they tied the knot in 2009!

So has Priyanka Chopra! She and Nick Jonas got married a few months ago!

And this is actually yet another reason why Sophie wanted to take her husband’s name – to strengthen her bond with her sisters in law!

The insider went on to say that ‘She loves that she'll share the same family name as her new sisters [in law] Priyanka and Danielle, it is just one more fun bond. Plus, down the road, when they'll have children she wants to have the same last name as them, so there're multiple reasons for her wanting to do this.’

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