Soon-Yi Previn - The Wife Of Woody Allen - Addresses The Sexual Assault Claims Levied By Farrow Family

Soon-Yi Previn - The Wife Of Woody Allen - Addresses The Sexual Assault Claims Levied By Farrow Family
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On Sunday, the wife of the filmmaker, Woody Allen, Soon-Yi Previn, addressed the allegations against Woody, describing them as "upsetting, so unjust," and also added that Mia Farrow had "taken advantage of the #MeToo movement.

In an essay published in New York Magazine, Soon-Yi spoke on the reputation of Mia, claiming that her adopted mother wasn't perfect either.

According to Soon-Yi, Allen's former wife, Mia, supposedly led Dylan to believe that Woody had assaulted her in 1993 when Dylan was a 7-year-old girl. Representatives speaking on behalf of Mia haven't responded to the charges yet.

Nonetheless, Mia has overwhelmingly supported Dylan following her revelation that Woody supposedly took advantage of her when she was just a young child. Interestingly, Ronan Farrow, Mia's son, is a well-known journalist who has brought many crimes to light, including the ones against Harvey Weinstein as well as Asia Argento.

In reference to the piece published in New York Magazine regarding the allegations made by Soon-Yi, Ronan said that the article was merely a "hit-piece," especially for its "the failure to print my sister's responses."

In response to the interview, Ronan's siblings released a statement attacking Soon-Yi, claiming that she is lying about Woody and Mia's reputation.

Additionally, Soon-Yi alleged that ever since Woody and Mia adopted her back in 1977 from South Korea, she and Mia had mixed like "oil and water," insinuating that they never got along.

However, things got weird between Soon-Yi and Woody when they eventually got married in 1997, leaving Mia in the process.

Soon-Yi also claimed Mia threw her in the tub one time for a bath, rather than dropping her gently in and helping her wash. As fans of the director know, the charges against him made by his family members have forever stained his reputation, however, he is still a sought-after figure in the industry.

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