'Sons Of Anarchy' Spin-Off 'Mayans MC' Tease Major Death In The Season 1 Finale

'Sons Of Anarchy' Spin-Off 'Mayans MC' Tease Major Death In The Season 1 Finale
Source: FX

The family drama is heating up as Mayans MC approaches its first finale. In last week's penultimate episode, titled "Serpiente/Chickchan," Angel (Clayton Cardenas) learned about EZ's (JD Pardo) deal with Sons of Anarchy’s Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) and the DEA. While EZ and Angel eventually worked out their beef, the biggest shocker came when Potter ordered the brothers to kill their cousin, Kevin (Maurice Compte), before he gets out of town.

The drama started when Angel discovered that EZ is working with the DEA to get away from the club. Even worse, Angel found out that their dad, Felipe (Edward James Olmos), knew about the deal as well. After a confrontation with Angel, Felipe came clean about helping EZ and revealed he did it so that his son could live a better life.

"I found out about his DEA deal today," Angel told Felipe. "You chose him over me, you always have."

Although Angel felt betrayed by his family, he and EZ made amends towards the end of the episode. While attending a party at a hotel, Angel told his brother that he could never tell the club about what he did because they are family.

According to Pop Culture , the two then got matching tattoos and Angel agreed to finish Potter's mysterious task. The only catch is that EZ has to leave town — and the club — after the deal is done.

EZ's conversation with Angel ended when Potter gave him a ring. Potter told EZ that his task is to kill his cousin, Kevin, before he gets out of town.

The episode ended on that cliffhanger, leaving EZ with a major decision in the Season 1 finale.

If he grants Potter's wish and kills Kevin, there is a good chance he will never forgive himself. Considering their deep family ties, the decision to murder Kevin is not going to be an easy one to make.

The Season 1 finale of Mayans MC airs Tuesday night on FX.


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