Sonni Pacheo Claims She's Sick Of Jeremy Renner's Lies During Court Battle

Sonni Pacheo Claims She's Sick Of Jeremy Renner's Lies During Court Battle
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Sonni Pacheo and Jeremy Renner's legal dispute hasn't been going well. Page Six reported on the artist's recent comments regarding the Avengers alum. Pacheo claimed she was sick and tired and was ready to speak out on the supposed "lies" from her former partner, describing the last seven years of her life as "h*ll."

Near the beginning of the week, the 49-year-old Avengers alum asked the court to drop his child support payments due to the coronavirus pandemic. He argued in the court documents that on account of being out of work at the moment, he can't afford to make the pre-determined payments.

Pacheo, in her statement to Page Six, said it was "very disheartening" that at this time in our history (notably, the pandemic), there was an attempt on Jeremy's part to reduce the amount of income she uses to pay for her child's life.

Documents obtained by TMZ show that the Hawkeye alum is looking to reduce his payments from $30,000 to $11,000 per month.

Pacheo claimed in her statement that the amount of child support she receives has been "greatly exaggerated," adding that she hasn't seen the court docs yet because they were filed on her birthday. The artist added that after "seven years of h*ll," it was time for her to discuss the truth publicly.

Sonni claimed that she doesn't actually receive $30,000/a month in child support as the reports have suggested. Additionally, much of her savings account has been drained to pay for her lawyers. She added that she'll do whatever she has to for the sake of protecting her daughter from Renner's "disgusting behavior."

Followers of their legal dispute know that Pacheo had previously accused Renner of biting their daughter, leaving a bruise on her shoulder. At that time, Renner came out to address the allegations, saying they were completely untrue.

Additionally, last year, in October, the artist accused the actor of shoving a gun in his own mouth and threatening to kill her. Renner's rep said to reporters from Page Six that her allegations were untrue and motivated by questionable intentions.

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