Sonja Morgan Throws Shade At RHONY Co-Star Ramona Singer

Sonja Morgan Throws Shade At RHONY Co-Star Ramona Singer
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Sonja Morgan took to social media to share some throwback snaps and used this opportunity to shade none other than her Real Housewives of New York co-star, Ramona Singer! This also led to other RHONY cast members to respond!

The photos showed Sonja wearing a black and white cocktail dress and a stylish pair of tan pumps.

Alongside the pics, in the caption, the reality TV star wrote: ‘Last year at @themorganlibrary for our @lgbt event. Didn’t see #ramonasinger there. Guess she wasn’t invited. Because it wasn’t an #openhouse disguised as a social event for the ‘in people’ in the #Hamptons celebrating #Ramona. #sorrynotsorry, #whosyourbroker #whatsyourkickback, #rhony girls just never stop.’

That was some serious shade! It’s clear that Sonja felt savage earlier today.

But things did not end here! Soon after the post was shared, co-stars Dorinda and Leah reacted to the pics.

The first RHONY castmate wrote: ‘Oh Sonja naughty naughty!’ while the second commented: ‘omg the shade!!’

The shade throwing follows their Hamptons weekend that took place three days ago and was also documented during the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York.

As you can imagine, the fun trip ended up with drama ensuing.

However, there were some really nice, emotional bonding moments as well!

Long story short, after Ramona brought the other women at a winery, they found out about Leah past as well as Dorinda’s concerns.

Leah opened up about going to rehab when she was a teenager and how that led to her pretty much getting disowned by her parents.

They sent her to a nuns-run halfway home which she now says, saved her life in the long run.

As for Dorinda, she admitted that she’s scared all the time about her stressful life and not having anyone to lean on.

It was an emotional scene and she and Ramona cried together before Sonja made them all laugh again when changing the topic.


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