Son Naomi Watt took to the red carpet in pink mini

Son Naomi Watt took to the red carpet in pink mini
Credit: tfv

Son Naomi Watt took to the red carpet in pink mini. The long-awaited premiere of the fourth season of Stranger Things has become one of the most discussed topics in the media. Many stars came to the red carpet with their loved ones. For example, Liev Schreiber came with his son - and he overshadowed his father in an extraordinary way. 

The fact is that 13-year-old Samuel Kai Schreiber wore an ultra-short pink dress with ruffles and heeled sandals. The son of Naomi Watts emphasized the gentle image with light makeup, applying a transparent gloss to her lips.

Judging by the photographs, Liv was far from delighted with the image of his youngest son. It is noteworthy that earlier, the star of the film "Scream" regularly posted photos with the boy on the social network. True, after Kai began to grow his hair and do makeup, the actor stopped showing family pictures to subscribers, trying to protect his son from haters. 

However, not only their first public appearance, Kai make a lot of noise. Internet users noted that the image of 18-year-old Millie Bobby Brown is also confusing. "Very strange things are when a boy looks like a girl, and a girl looks like a woman," one of the fans of the series commented on the news. 

Meanwhile, Kai has been growing her hair and getting dressed for a long time. Earlier, Liv often shared photos with her youngest son, but many web users criticized the boy, so the actress almost stopped posting pictures with him on social networks.

In 2006, Liev Schreiber announced his engagement to Naomi Watts. It is strange at this time what he will do after quitting the post. However, the couple had two children, Alexander Peet and Samuel Kai.

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