Some RHOA Fans Believe That Kandi Burruss Has Outgrown The Other Housewives - Others Feel She's Unfair To Phaedra Parks

Some RHOA Fans Believe That Kandi Burruss Has Outgrown The Other Housewives - Others Feel She's Unfair To Phaedra Parks
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Kandi Burruss recently had an interview at the Breakfast Club and this triggered fans to show their opinions on her social media account. They mostly addressed the RHOA subject as you'll see below.

You may recall that Kandi made it very clear that if Phaedra Parks comes back to Real Housewives of Atlanta, she will leave .

If you're wondering what's the reason for which she feels this way, well the reason is pretty simple – she just has zero desire to ever work with Phaedra.

'It’s always interesting with the @breakfastclubam! We’re on this morning' Kandi captioned her post .

Someone told her 'Girl you have dropped some weight!! Gettin ready. For that DUNGEON huh🙌'

Another mentioned a strip club that Kandi should create 'KANDI! You really should consider the STRIP CLUB IDEA!!! And you can call it Kandi Koated Nights too‼️‼️😂😂😂😂😂 But no seriously 😑'

A follower has a more complex opinion and made some pretty interesting remarks:

'@bravoandy I think @kandi has outgrown the housewives. If she can't get over @phaedraparks comments because of damage to her reputation. There have been so many damaging, humiliating, and controversial comments made about cast members on all RH shows (whom also have careers, children, and businesses) over the years to include physical altercations, yet only @phaedraparks is held accountable. There is collateral damage that comes with being on a reality show that does not contractually list false accusations are off the table and what is considered damaging,' the person began.

The same person continued and said '@Kandi, I am confused by how you can go after the moral character of a person and say you are not comfortable working with them, yet you do not discuss the moral character of a network that allowed the damaging comments to be aired or producers that did not consult nor edit comments to protect you, etc. As a viewer, I don't see how the comments made about you are more damaging than the comments made about other cast members to include drug abuse, infidelity, mental illness, etc., which are all damaging to families and careers outside of the show. I guess the line is drawn on the paycheck as far as what's acceptable and who is wrong. You should be battling the network for consultation/editing rights, not @phaedraparks for being unethical.'

What's your opinion on the Kandi-Phaedra drama? What do you think about the comments made about both Kandi and Phaedra?


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