Some People Think Keanu Reeves Is Dating Helen Mirren

Some People Think Keanu Reeves Is Dating Helen Mirren
Credit: Source: Keanu Reeves/The Matrix/Warner Brothers

Keanu Reeves just went forward with his first girlfriend in decades. Fans of the star of The Matrix  understand that he has had a difficult past with love and relationships. Though many are happy for him and are excited he has found someone he loves enough that the wants to go public with them, they are confused as to who his romantic partner actually is. Some people are so confused, they are mistakenly thinking that Keanu Reeves is dating Dame Helen Mirren!

Keanu Reeves is dating a Los Angels based artist named Alexandra Grant. She has natural, beautiful silver hair and her facial features are similar to Helen Mirren's. A few photos are circulating on social media showing the two side-by-side and they nearly look identical! This might be more of an optical illusion; however, because Alexandra does have a personal and official Instagram account where she showcases her art and some of her photos there bear no resemblance to Helen.

Still, there are plenty of people confusing the two and it is getting media attention!

Though they may look similar in some photos, Alexandra Grant is believed to be 46-years-old and Dame Helen Mirren is 74-years-old.

You may see a report by Life & Style where they discussed the confusion between Alexandra Grant, Helen Mirren and who Keanu Reeves is dating below.

Helen Mirren even commented on the story and wished the couple all her love. She spoke highly of Keanu whom she knows personally and said they are lucky to have each other.

While many women are happy for Keanu, there are some that are downright jealous of Alexandra. Social media was flooded with comments from people who were sad that Keanu has moved on with someone, especially since his new romantic partner isn't a celebrity but an artist.

There are many celebrities who have dated, and even married non-celebrities such as Matt Damon, Jon Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Eddie Redmayne and more.

What do you think about Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant? Were you surprised when he took their relationship public? Do you think she looks like Dame Helen Mirren?


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