Some Of Kenya Moore's Fans Want People To Stop Focusing On Snapbacks For This Reason

Some Of Kenya Moore's Fans Want People To Stop Focusing On Snapbacks For This Reason
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It was reported earlier that Kenya Moore almost broke the Internet with some of her latest pics. She's posing in a yellow swimsuit which highlights the perfection of her body.

People have been raving over her snapback in the comments, saying that she managed to get back to her pre-pregnancy body really quick.

The truth is that Kenya has also been surrounded with some rumors about allegedly having liposuction and that's why she looks like this, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

According to Kenya, she snapped back so quickly with the help of exercise and a little secret which she made sure to reveal for her fans just the other day when she shared the new mindblowing pics:

'My secret is out... @bodycompleterx got me snatched! Even when I travel I take my kit along, and the slim ER w/ energy booster helps keeps me on track. Get yours today! #BCRX #bodycompleterx,' Kenya captioned a photo.

Anyway, while most fans praised Kenya's flawless body, others started a harsh debate in the comments.

A person said, 'I want y’all to really stop focusing so much on snapbacks... that’s why so many new mothers are insecure and have postpartum depression.'

Someone else responded: 'they are in control of their own lives.'

Another commenter hopped in the debate and said: 'yes it's OK to celebrate health and wellness but making a certain image the goals does affect the well-being of others, black people should know this since the image of blacks have never been positive by the media. I'm not expecting any black women to support images that tap into arrogance mask as confidence of good health. You can't possibly want to be seen as sensitive, empathetic, feminine one moment but want to be insensitive towards others the next.'

Someone else said: 'So taking pics of yourself the way she did is considered insensitive and arrogant? It’s her personal page, and she didn’t even say anything. It’s not her fault blogs posted it, and ppl are insecure. The fact that she looks good is offensive, and now you assume she’s insensitive. What if I told you your pics makes me depressed and when you smile you are masking arrogance. Stop taking pics because you're promoting something that is hard for me to obtain. Would that be fair?'

The debate continued. What's your opinion on this subject?

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