Some Fans Do Not Blame Rob Kardashian For Skipping Easter Family Photo With Dream

Some Fans Do Not Blame Rob Kardashian For Skipping Easter Family Photo With Dream
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The Kardashians recently shared a picture of the whole family for Easter, and while everyone looked happy in it, some fans of the TV personalities have pointed out a peculiar detail -- Rob Kardashian was missing, along with his young daughter, Dream.

It is not clear why he was omitted from the photo, and whether he was present for it in the first place -- but as can be expected, fans have immediately started speculating about the situation.

According to reports, Rob is shy about the spotlight and does not feel comfortable drawing so much attention to himself.

This is not even a new story, as it has been reported countless times in the past that Rob does not enjoy the attention of the camera.

Moreover, recent reports have confirmed that the situation has not changed much and that the father of one does not want to be photographed too often.

It looks like some fans of the famous reality TV family are even starting to give up on following him, so if his goal is to stay out of the spotlight, he is at least doing a good job.

Rob has also been relatively quiet publicly, preferring to leave the comments to the rest of his family.

Still, it does not look like there is any negativity in between the Kardashian clan right now, and everyone is seemingly quite happy with their current situation.

Even Rob seems to be doing relatively well, despite the fact that, he has to deal with a family composed of popular figures with so much prominence in social circles, especially in recent years.

A source told Hollywood Life : "Rob Kardashian still feels strongly about not wanting to be in the spotlight, that much has not changed, which is why after all these years, you still won’t see him on the show or on social in family photos. He’s still uncomfortable in his own skin, and though he loves to be with his family, he likes to do it privately. Rob is at home most of the time."

The person added: "Dream is seen around the neighborhood on walks with Rob’s mom Kris [Jenner] or nannies, however, that doesn’t mean Rob isn’t hands on. He’s a wonderful dad; he just doesn’t go out much at all. He has struggled a lot to get to a more confident and secure place with his looks and it’s hard for him. They do their best to always include him and worry about him constantly. His family is very supportive, and they respect his feelings though they wish he’d do more things publicly with them."

Although some fans do miss seeing more of him, most agree that Rob is doing the right thing if he has trouble with fame.

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  • LT
    LT May 1, 2019 5:55 PM PDT

    Can't blame him. They need to find lives independent of each other. One can't take a shit without another interjecting. Must be hell for any man.

    • Fenneca
      Fenneca May 4, 2019 12:16 PM PDT

      Perfectly put! He is the only one out of the whole family who is trying to do the sensible thing. The rest of them are like fame-vampires, feeding off one another's publicity. He seems like a genuinely good person, who has been forced into a public life he didn't really want.

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