Some Cardi B Fans Blame Plastic Surgery For Her Recent Wardrobe Problems On Stage

Some Cardi B Fans Blame Plastic Surgery For Her Recent Wardrobe Problems On Stage
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Cardi B has been active on stage after coming back from her multiple cosmetic surgeries, which she decided to go through after giving birth to her daughter about a year ago.

However, it looks like the singer's wardrobe specialists might not be too accustomed to her new inflated figure, as she suffered a wardrobe malfunction in quite the embarrassing place during a recent performance.

As a result, Cardi B immediately jumped off the stage to get changed into a white robe and continued her performance as if nothing had happened.

The malfunction occurred around her crotch area while she was bent over in front of her audience, showing off her bottom.

It looks like the singer might have gone a bit overboard with the "improvements" to that area of her body, as even her clothes cannot contain her figure anymore.

She does not seem to mind, though, as she immediately continued her performance and did not seem too fazed by the incident.

Of course, the same cannot be said for the Internet, as many people immediately started sharing candid photos of the incident, with some even mocking Cardi for taking her surgeries to such extreme lengths that this could happen.

One fan said this: "Wow! What an awesome example she shows to her child🤔🙄. I hate how women always fall victims to that surgery sht 😔...I thought she'd be different."

Another commenter claimed: "All you body shamers need to get your priorities straight. Moreover, worry about your own bodies. Nearly always from other women too 😢. Cardi has done what she has for HER and her confidence. If it makes her happy then great. It's NOT OK to comment on another woman's body. Find what you love about her and tell her. Girls, it's time to uplift, empower and support each other ❤️"

The rapper has not responded to these statements yet, nor has she offered any great comments about the incident itself online.

For the most part, she has been moving on with her work and seems to be trying to put this behind her, although the Internet will likely not forget soon.

Do you think Cardi took things too far with the plastic surgery and should her fans encourage her to stop?

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