Some Ask If President Donald Trump Will Be Next To Get Coronavirus As He Fails To Follow CDC Rules

Some Ask If President Donald Trump Will Be Next To Get Coronavirus As He Fails To Follow CDC Rules
Credit: Source: Real Donald Trump/Instagram

Some are asking if President Donald Trump will be next to contract the Coronavirus as she is continually seen standing close to people and even posing for pictures with more than 10 people in a room, with everyone standing less than six feet apart. Though President Trump has said he took the test and it came back negative, there are many who are wondering if President Trump is still at risk. When President Trump signed the CARES Act, more than 10 people, including Vice President Mike Pence and White House immunologist specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci stood in a circle around the president. He was seen giving pens to those in the room as the men stood shoulder to shoulder.

President Trump shared a photo from the event on his official Instagram page and included the following caption.

"We are marshalling [sic] the full power of government and society to achieve victory over the virus. Together, we will endure, we will prevail, and we will WIN! #CARESAct"

Though many Americans praise the President for his resolve in getting the CARES Act passed, there are many asking why President Trump isn't following the recommendations that others are.

Social media had plenty to say when they saw the Oval Office packed and President Trump handing out pens to those in attendance while seemingly ignoring all social distancing rules.

The signing took place on Friday, March 27, 2020. You may see the photo that President Trump shared below.

The official YouTube White House channel shared video footage from the ceremony and you can see how everyone is squeezed tightly together and not staying six feet apart or even three feet apart. Some are on social media calling for President Trump and his team to wear masks and gloves when standing so closely together.

It isn't just the Oval Office where people are concerned that President Trump isn't following CDC guidelines either. Some have suggested that his press conferences are a little bit too close for comfort as well.

People sounded off on social media after President Donald Trump handed out pens and noticed that he didn't seem to have any concern about catching or spreading the Coronavirus.

What do you think about the way President Trump is handling the Coronavirus pandemic?

Were you surprised to see him handing out pens and having more than ten people packed into the Oval Office last Friday? Do you think President Trump is at an increased risk of contracting Coronavirus?

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