Soleil Moon Frye Is Bringing Back Punky Brewster In Latest Television Revival

Soleil Moon Frye Is Bringing Back Punky Brewster In Latest Television Revival
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The saying everything old is new again is definitely true when it comes to television. There has been a slew of revivals and reboots of hit 80's and 90's shows in the past few years.

Punky Brewster is the latest 80’s hit to announce a revival is in the works. Show star Soleil Moon Frye is on board to reprise the role that made her a household name.

NBCUniversal's Universal Content Productions shared the news they are working on developing the new project that will center around Punky as a single mother of three.

Even though she is a struggling single mother trying to get her life back on track, when Punky meets a young girl who reminders her of herself, life is never the same. As of now, those are the only details the production company is revealing regarding the storyline.

Along with starring on the new sitcom, Frye will also serve as an executive producer. Entertainment Weekly has revealed Grounded For Life writers, Steve and Jim Armogida have been tapped to write the pilot.

Since the revival is only in the development stages, it has not found a home yet. However, considering how networks and streaming services are all about reviving shows, think Fuller House , BH90210 and even Cobra Kai , as long as the storyline is good, the show should have no problem finding a home.

Punky Brewster was an instant comedy hit back in the 1980s. It ran for four seasons. The first two were on NBC, and the latter two were in syndication.

The comedy followed the life of an eccentric but lovable 7-year-old Punky, who marched to the beat of her own drum. Her spunk caught the eye of grumpy and gruff Henry Warnimont, who became her foster father.

Although it sounds a little weird that an older man with grown children would foster a young girl, Punky and her foster father had quite the bond. Frye and her costar, the late George Gaynes, built two fabulous characters who brought a uniqueness to the small screen back in the day.

Gaynes passed away in 2016, so his character will not be in the revival. However since Warnimont was such an intragluteal part of Punky's life, the character should still manage to play a pivotal role in the new show.

Punky Brewster is the latest TV show to possibly make a small screen comeback . Are you excited about the news or are you over all of the revival and reboots?


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