Solange To No Longer Perform At Coachella!

Solange To No Longer Perform At Coachella!
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Sad news for the Solange fans who were looking forward to seeing her perform at Coachella! The singer canceled her show, just a week before the popular festival!

That being said, the announcement was shared on Coachella’s official Twitter and reads: ‘Due to some major production delays, Solange will no longer be performing at this year's festival. She sends her apologies, and she looks forward to performing at Coachella in the future.’

As you may know, Beyonce’s sister was expected to climb the stage at Coachella on April 13 as well as April 20.

As for her replacement artist, there is yet to be announced who it is, if any!

Her show at the festival would have come a bit more than a month after dropping her fourth studio album – When I Get Home.

While Solange is skipping her performance at Coachella this time around, last year she was there, joining Beyonce on stage for an epic set that will never be forgotten.

The sisters sang Get Me Bodied and even had a little accident mid-performance, the two taking a tumble when Bey attempted to pick up Solange.

Despite the fact that she will no longer be at Coachella this year, that does not mean Solange is going to be bored those two weekends.

In fact, she has some celebrating to do given the fact that earlier today, she hinted at the release of a documentary titled Homecoming, reportedly about Beyonce.

Seeing this, the Bey Hive freaked out! It is safe to say that the faithful supporters are incredibly excited to see it!

Who knows, now that Solange is no longer performing at Coachella they might just end up not going at all and staying home to watch the documentary on Netflix instead!

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