Solange Knowles Proves She Is Very Different From Beyonce With These Statements

Solange Knowles Proves She Is Very Different From Beyonce With These Statements
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It is a known fact that Solange Knowles does not play. The diva recently took to social media, where she announced that she was divorcing her husband, Alan Ferguson, after five years of marriage.

She posted a lengthy message explaining what led to the split, but the same day, many were baffled after a video surfaced. The world is immediately on high alert when a video featuring Beyonce's sister hit the Internet.

According to the rumor mill, Solange had cheated, for she was seen getting very cozy with a white man who was later identified as former co-manager, John Bogaard.

Via a brief message, Solange put an end to the wild rumors. She said: “Yo [thank you] @onvaction for bein[g] the best co-manager for five years. Sorry, the internetsss are so unkind n b lying. Go back to enjoying ya vacation.”

A source close to Solange spoke to Baller Alert and confirmed that the singer was faithful.

The insider revealed: “There was never any cheating. She and Alan separated earlier this year. Solange and John Bogaard worked together for many years, with him as her co-manager. There was never anything between these two individuals outside of a working relationship.”

One person had this reaction: "In other words, look, I'm not BEYONCE. I keep it real social media; you saw how I got down in that elevator 🤷🏿‍♀️She is losing her cool points for answering back. I now understand cultivating my privacy not everyone needs to know all your business it gives room for judgment and no one is in any predicament to judge "

Another commenter stated: "She doesn’t owe us anything, and I understood her comment about her body. If you really follow her, then you’d know for the past year or two she’s been dealing with health issues. Some of y’all wanna make a drama out of nothing, smh."

This follower explained: "First of all, all of you know Solange isn’t going to let anyone talk nonsense about her, especially about cheating. She jacked up Jay in the elevator for that alleged reason 👀😳👀."

A fourth backer shared: "She out here cheating cheating 😂😂😂 and with a WHITE man no less. SMH. So much for all that black power sh*t, they try to put themselves on. 😂😂😂"

Solange is a boss.

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