Sofia Vergara’s Ex Nick Loeb Claims She “Harrased” And “Bullied” Him!

Sofia Vergara’s Ex Nick Loeb Claims She “Harrased” And “Bullied” Him!

Almost three years after they broke up, Nick Loeb has revealed that his ex, Sofia Vergara has been making his life a nightmare!

As fans may already know, Vergara and Loeb are stuck in an ugly and unusual custody war over their frozen embryos. During their legal battle, Sofia seemingly attacked Loeb with her legal maneuvers. The man even claimed that she “annoyed” and “harassed” him.

Nick Loeb has sued the Modern Family star over their two frozen embryos from 2013. The man wants to use a surrogate to deliver the babies and raise them on his own.

Loeb has revealed that he has a strong emotional bond to the embryos and he even named them Emma and Isabella.

The 44 years old Vergara fired back with her own lawsuit that states he needs her approval to use the embryos.

However, Loeb’s attorney accused her of bullying him!

“The complaint is defective and wholly untenable on so many grounds, it can only be described as a transparent and ill-conceived attempt to annoy and harass Mr. Loeb,” the lawyer’s filind reads.

Now, Loeb is demanding that the actress’ filing be disregarded and for his original suit to be judged in court instead. He believes that he has the right to bring the embryos to life if so he desires.

But Sofia thinks the kids need a real family and that is why she refuses to give into his request.

After breaking up with Loeb, Vergara found love again with Joe Manganiello, whom she also married. The happy couple are expecting a baby together.

“Sofia and Joe found the perfect surrogate in California,” one insider stated. “She is pregnant and is due this spring!”

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