Sofia Vergara Scores Major Victory In Her Frozen Embryo Battle With Ex-Fiance

Sofia Vergara Scores Major Victory In Her Frozen Embryo Battle With Ex-Fiance
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Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has been battling her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb in court for years over frozen embryos, and the 47-year-old actress has just scored a huge victory in the multiple lawsuits Loeb filed against her.

Loeb and Vergara dated for years before their split in 2014, and they never had children together. But, they do have frozen embryos that Loeb wants to bring to life, while Vergara refuses to give her consent.

Vergara sued Loeb in a California court over his attempts to bring the embryos to life because the contract they signed over the embryos requires both of them to consent. And, he filed numerous lawsuits against her in the state of Louisiana because he believed their Human Embryo Statute would help him get a ruling in his favor.

Vergara’s lawyers argued in the Louisiana cases that Loeb had zero ties to the state, which means that he committed fraud. According to The Blast , a Louisiana judge agreed with Vergara’s argument and has dismissed all of Loeb’s lawsuits against her.

“Since the pre-embryos in this case are not and never were in a Louisiana facility, Louisiana’s Human Embryo Statue does not apply to them, and they cannot be considered proper party plaintiffs in this case,” wrote the judge.

Loeb also received criticism from the judge over his claims that he lived in the state, and he even pointed to Loeb’s own testimony where he said he has only spent a couple of nights in Louisiana. The judge went after Loeb over his false residency claims, pointing out that he has never voted in the state, held a bank account, or operated a business.

Loeb admitted that he tried to obtain resident status in Louisiana just to bring the lawsuit against Vergara, and he also revealed that he’s already a dad. Loeb and his girlfriend have a daughter together, and they both live in Spain.

The judge also refused Loeb’s request to seal the court filings by explaining that he should have expected the evidence to be made public when he brought the lawsuit. And, the judge also pointed out that it was Loeb himself who gave the info to the media.

The only case left between Loeb and Vergara is the one she filed in California, and the judge in that lawsuit recently ordered the actress to pay Loeb $80K for legal fees. This is the case that never ends, and it doesn’t appear they will come to an agreement anytime soon.

After splitting from Nick Loeb, Sofia Vergrara went on to marry Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello. New episodes of the last season of Modern Family air Wednesday nights on ABC.


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