Sofia Vergara Jokes About Upcoming Hurricane Dorian And Fans Aren't Thrilled

Sofia Vergara Jokes About Upcoming Hurricane Dorian And Fans Aren't Thrilled
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According to a report from Page Six, Sofia Vergara's recent pictures on the beach angered some people online. In a post on Wednesday, Sofia captioned her photo with, "Esperando a Dorian," which means that she is waiting for the hurricane.

While many fans thought the picture was great, others on social media weren't nearly as happy about it. One person wrote that the posts weren't "funny at all." Another commenter said they were a fan but the "Dorian comment was not funny."

Reportedly, Hurricane Dorian became an issue of concern on Friday when it turned into a Category 3 storm with winds up to 115 miles-per-hour. Even though some of her followers weren't happy with the posts, the 47-year-old actress continued to post photos of herself and friends enjoying their vacation.

Regarding one of the group photos, Vergara wrote, "bye-bye Dorian!" The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, declared a national state of emergency in Florida as the storm gets closer and closer to Florida soil.

According to a USA Today report from today, Hurrican Dorian is continuing to get stronger and it has an eye on the eastern coast of Florida. Tracking models state that the storm might go northward before landing on the Sunshine State.

Moreover, even if the hurricane doesn't go directly above the state, the area will likely get hit with heavy rain and storms along the east coast. It could also hit North and South Carolina as well as Georgia. Furthermore, the Bahamas, as well, are under threat.

At 2:00 pm today, the storm was around 385 miles east of Florida, and tracking models say it'll likely be over the northwestern part of the Bahamas on Sunday and near Florida next week on Monday. Putting the hurricane aside, Sofia is no stranger to social media outrage.

Previously, she was indirectly involved in a backlash when a 2010 appearence on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno was in the public consciousness again. Gordon Ramsay made sexual jokes and touched Sofia during the interview, and people on social media weren't pleased.

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