Sofia Vergara And Her Niece Claudia Have Their Beach-Body Backsides On Full Display As They Twin In New Sizzling Photos

Sofia Vergara And Her Niece Claudia Have Their Beach-Body Backsides On Full Display As They Twin In New Sizzling Photos
Credit: Source: Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Who is the aunt and who is the niece? With Sofia Vergara and her niece Claudia, it is hard to tell. Sofia shared a photo of herself and Claudia posing in bikinis with their backsides facing the camera and fans are freaking out. With 18.8 million Instagram followers, the sizzling photo received a great response and has over 1 million likes. Standing outside, Sofia and Claudia are side-by-side while wearing black bikinis with thong bottoms. They are standing on an outside patio balcony, looking over a rail. A potted lemon tree is to the side and the women are overlooking the forested view from the property. Both are standing on their toes, looking over the edge of a black, rod iron railing with geometric designs. The aunt and niece have twinning physiques and their hair is identical in cut, color, length, and style.

Unlike many Colombian women, Sofia was not born with raven-black hair but instead, her natural shade is a golden-dark blonde color. Her hair and natural coloring along with her beautiful face and perfect physique seem to have made her stand out from the crowd long before she found fame.

Sofia Vergara has always been a natural beauty who drew attention and praise simply by walking along a beach or being spotted around town. Now, she has proved to have passed those genes to her niece Claudia.

In the photo's caption, Sofia pointed out that she was born in 1972 and Claudia was born in 1992.

You may see the photo of Sofia Vergara twinning with her niece Claudia Vergara below.

Showing off her bikini body is something that Sofia Vergara enjoys doing on her Instagram pages, and it's an activity that her fans approve of. Sofia shared several more photos in a slideshow of a picnic she had with her husband of six years Joe Manganiello. In the first photo, Sofia is seen wearing a blue and white print bikini with her arms up in the air, palms facing up and showing off her toned legs and pert derriere while standing with one-foot heel up, toes planted on the ground.

You may see those pictures of Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello below.

What do you think about Sofia Vergara's bikini-body at 47-years-old? Do you think she is twinning with her 27-year-old niece Claudia?

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