Sofia Richie's Friends Are Warning Her: 'Scott Disick Is Like Trump Jr.'

Sofia Richie's Friends Are Warning Her: 'Scott Disick Is Like Trump Jr.'
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More and more people seem to be convinced that Sofia Richie and Scott Disick's relationship is doomed. At least, her friends are. Check out Sofia's pals' opinion on Scott.

Latest reports are saying that Sofia's friends are convinced that she will end up getting hurt really bad by Scott and they are even looking at Donald Trump Jr.'s infidelity allegations as something similar and a cautionary tale that suits her.

'Sofia’s friends have continued to monitor their relationship and like that the Donald Trump Jr. claims are out there because they are comparing Scott to Donald and telling her this could be her future if she continues her relationship with him,' a source close to her told Hollywood Life.

The insider continued and said that 'Her friends and family have her best interests at heart and Scott has yet to prove his worth. They hope they can reason with her before it’s too late because they don’t think his intentions with her are the best. It’s quite the uphill battle, but if they keep at it, maybe she’ll eventually listen to their concerns.'

These latest details come right after Sofia's own dad, Lionel Richie tried to confront Scott and convince him that Sofia is too young for their relationship.

Sofia's dad also made very subtle hints to the media, saying that he does not approve his daughter's romance with Scott. He reportedly thinks that Scott is too old for her and his nasty reputation is not helping either.


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