Sofia Richie Wears Skimpy Catwoman Costume To Kendall Jenner's Halloween/Birthday Party

Sofia Richie Wears Skimpy Catwoman Costume To Kendall Jenner's Halloween/Birthday Party
Credit: Source: Sofia Richie/Instagram

Sofia Richie attended Kendall Jenner's 25th Halloween/birthday party and she wore an incredibly sexy, Catwoman costume. The look is being talked about on social media for several reasons. First, fans can't get over how gorgeous Sofia looked in the outfit and she made a point to give a shout out to Halle Berry for the look. Second, many were stunned that Sofia had been invited to Kendall's party after her split with Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick.

Sofia looked amazing and she wore long, blonde extensions in her hair. Her hazel eyes were accentuated with heavy, black eyeliner and looked piercing underneath the Catwoman mask. She wore bright red lipstick that complemented the black leather costume and fans couldn't stop complimenting the 22-year-old beauty.

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The costume showcased Sofia's flawless figure and she looked sensational.

Though Sofia gave a shout out to Halle Berry , she was not wearing a standard, Catwoman costume. LA Roxx custom made Sofia's Catwoman costume and the result was magnificent. The outfit featured cutouts in the legs and thighs. The bra top had pointed bits of fringe on the edge and she wore open-fingered gloves to complete the look.

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You may see several photos that LA Roxx shared of Sofia in the sexy costume below.

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Kathleen, of Kathleen Hair did Sofia's gorgeous locks and shared a slideshow with four photos of Sofia wearing the costume. She included the following caption.

Hottest cat woman on the planet 😻 @sofiarichie #halloween2020

What do you think about Sofia Richie 's sexy Catwoman costume? Do you like the custom LA Roxx look on her?


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